Global Arbitration Group, LLC is a State of Virginia registered professional, Limited-Liability Corporation in the practice of providing Arbitration and Mediation to clients in the private and government sectors for Labor and Employment Relations, Aviation and Unmanned Vehicle Operations, Financial Services and Commercial Arbitration/Mediation, on an International basis.

In today’s fast paced world, both businesses and individuals can often find themselves in the midst of conflict. During these stressful circumstances, parties are looking for the quickest resolution to defusing the situation and move on with business or their personal lives. Unfortunately, the legal system where most people turn today, is plagued with lengthy delays from time consuming processes, seemingly endless procedures and often elaborate charges.

Conversely, Arbitration and Mediation are options that can be tailored to the requirements of today’s fast paced environment. Labor and employment, commercial and financial disagreements are a few of the many types of alternate dispute resolutions that can be settled with arbitration or mediation. Quicker and more economical advantages than the courts; arbitration and/or mediation are smart choices for resolving disputes anywhere in the world.

How can the Global Arbitration Group Help You?

Global Arbitration Group can provide Arbitration and Mediation Services for disputes in the following areas:

  • International Arbitration and Mediation
  • Labor Employment Arbitration and Mediation
  • Aviation Arbitration and Mediation including:
    • Airline Operations
    • UAS/Drone Operations
    • General Aviation
  • Financial Arbitration and Mediation
  • Commercial Arbitration and Mediation

The Arbitration and Mediation Process

Requesting Arbitration or Mediation
All arbitration or mediation hearings/sessions are requested by mutual application frrom the parties. Usually, the request comes from the force of the labor contract between the parties, but on some occasions, parties will submit an issue to arbitration or mediation outside a formal internal process.

The Award
Arbitration is final and binding. Once the arbitrator issues an “award” the parties are obliged to follow it. Arbitration awards are subject to court ordered compliance in many jurisdictions throughout the world.

Mediation often precedes arbitration and is the process of attempting to find mutually agreed solutions to labor-management issues via a neutral party – the mediator. Mediation is not final or binding but, rather, allows parties to refine issues to core problems that can then be submitted to the arbitrator.

There are no filing fees or other usual court costs. The arbitrator is compensated by the parties under mutual agreement to cost sharing – usually both paying a portion of the arbitrator’s fee. Arbitration is billed by the day and days are calculated on 9:00AM-5:00PM schedule with a one-hour lunch break. Some hearings are less than a day but a full day rate is charged unless the arbitrator can find another case to fill the unused time. Travel by the arbitrator is also equally split by the parties and is billed at business class rates with tickets that allow changes as typically clients seek revisions to dates/times close to hearing days. Ancillary costs such as witness travel, hotels, meeting rooms, etc. are the responsibility of the respective parties.

Mediation is billed at hourly rates and is based on a pre-filed and agreed proposal submitted to the parties and agreed in advance. Hourly charges in excess of the proposal are delineated in the proposal as “additional charges”.

Global Arbitration Group accepts payment by credit card or check (with appropriate credit references) and will invoice the parties for their business purposes and to ensure all parties are aware of the status of payments.

Requesting Arbitration or Mediation Services
To request either arbitration or mediation please use the email address on the Contact Page, the Chat Feature or call and we will send the appropriate forms to initiate the process.

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